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How we started

OBU Studios started in 2018 within FMQ (Hi big brother!). After several years of experience and a lot of titles released to the landbased market, FMQ felt it wasn’t enough.

When it comes to the Online market, all bets are off. That's why we took the challenge of being part of it, and our mission is to be the best, to work like the best and to have a great time while doing it.

We are a studio that is bursting with new experience philosophies and high end implementations, but most of all, we have this strong technical, creative and 100% FMQ DNA background that will assure our footprint in the online gaming industry. Expect nothing but the best from us. Come join us!

What we do

We're a game studio focused mainly on 3rd party development of casino gaming software for the web.

Our gamers (that's what we fondly call the people that work with us) know how much we value them: they're the reason we're successfull! That's why we provide them with knowledge sharing and talent development sessions, and also great opportunities to have fun, like team buildings or the football and volleyball teams. Working here, you can also count on healthy snacks, fruit, coffee and water 24/7.

Our Goals

A selection of mobile optimized games, running in the latest HTML5 technologies, we've got it covered. Play where you want, when you want.

Your old favorite casino games, from slots to roulettes. The same fun, now portable for any mobile device with touch capabilities.

Industry compliant, the games are tested and certified to most of industry requirements, securing a robust, reliable and hassle free operation.

Optimized user interfaces for flawless nagivation and great user experience, combined with stunning 2D & 3D graphics.

Our Culture

What we Provide. What we Love

We provide

We like our gamers to do their best, and an extra help is always welcome. That's why we provide them this spectacular and beloved co-workers named coffee and food. We focus on team building and talent development.

Mind and Body

The mind and body are not separate, we all know it, and that's why we assure our gamer's health with an insurance. That comes in handy when once a week our gamers join to play volleyball or football.

Meet our players

We are part of OBU Studios. To create original and interactive content for our clients we operate as a single unit, made up of small integrated teams. Meet every player dedicated on being tech savvy and pushing the limits to deliver constantly better and more solid games.

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Gym dedication

Gambling Luck


Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.

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